Private Yoga

Through this unique 1:1 interaction, you will experience your body with greater awareness. Breath, postures, alignment and transitions are explained and deconstructed while questions are answered on the spot. This allows you to receive the proper alignment adjustments for each posture tailored specific to your needs.

Personal Coaching

An authentic and open relationship developed between the coach and coachee cultivates positive change. It is a unique approach that allows you to navigate through transformation, personal growth, self-discovery and wellness.

Corporate Wellness

Bring the benefits of movement, breath, Meditation and Yoga to the work space. We come directly to you so you don’t have to go anywhere during your busy day. Take the time to nurture and care for yourself and your teams!


Mandi Bateman

​”​Alley’s classes are wonderfully balanced.  I always leave feeling challenged and nurtured at the same time.  Her instructions are clear, and her presence in the class is very student-centric.  My favorite thing about Alley, as a teacher, is the joy that she illuminates.  It is truly inspiring!”

Mandi BatemanAnatomy specialist, Pilates and Yoga educator
Patrick Stull

“I just wanted to tell everyone how wonderful it is to work with Alley. She is not only an exceptional yoga instructor but also, she made a significant contribution to my work, the Primal Visions photographic exhibition.

It is easy to find yoga instructors but more difficult to find individuals like Alley that enrich the experience beyond what is normally expected.”

Patrick StullArtist/Photographer
Jason Hernstad
“I know Alley through teaching at the Wheel House. Alley brings a strong and grounded energy into her classes. She has a wealth of knowledge which she artfully yet clearly communicates to her students. Her directions are precise and her flow has an intelligent direction which builds the practice into a deep space. One breath, one movement will warm up quickly so that her students can dive in and connect to new spaces in the body, mind, and spirit.”
Jason HernstadEntrepreneur, Yoga Instructor
Jamie Young

“Alley Ramon is an inspiration! She shares a wealth of knowledge that stems from her experience as a yoga instructor, coach, and as a human being. Her unyielding positivity is paired with a deep understanding of the practice and it is this combination that keeps me coming back to class. When I leave Alley’s class I feel light, open, and my heart is happy. I attribute this mind body connection to her teachings which are woven throughout class. Alley is a truly outstanding teacher and a real treat to practice with.”

Jamie YoungMovement specialist, Barre, Pilates, and Yoga Instructor